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Travel-ted on the summit of Burnswark Hill, Dumfriesshire. 2015 © Lucy Gibbon

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Meet Travel-ted's Friends

Here are a few of Travel-ted's friends he has met along the way. Some famous, some nearly famous.

The Wooden Woman in Orkney Library & Archive

Travel-ted at a toy shop in Beamish

Travel-ted and his French friend Fabian

Travel-ted and Scooby-doo!

Travel-ted can't remember who these jokers are.

Christmas with Couch-Potato Ted.

Travel-ted's in love with this fellow Swedish beauty 

Travel-ted's American cousin

Trying not be chewed by Ruby.
And not forgetting "The Moffat Gang" Wispy, Mad Maggie and Couch-Potato Ted

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